Growing up, the first thing I did every day was scour Washington Post sports section for sports news, scores and statistics. So when the Internet came along and started changing how sports media was distributed and consumed, no one was more excited than me. I’ve been active in sports digital and social media ever since.

And after spending over a decade working with emerging technologies and early-stage Internet startups, I’m tuned to seek out “what’s next”. Where sports and the Web intersect is my personal sweetspot.

Previously, I made strategic investments for the CIA’s Venture Capital fund, where my investments included startups that went on to be acquired by Google, Business Objects, Informatica, Nokia, Omniture and another that is on track to become a public company.

I have been playing fantasy sports for almost 20 years, long before it became the hip thing to do, and have advised numerous executives on investment strategy and business opportunities around Fantasy Sports. I wear it as a badge of honor that many of those executives also follow up annually for fantasy draft advice. I founded a startup building the first consumer Web application to crowdsource fantasy football data using social networks and previously built the first NFL-vertical, customizable news aggregator. I’ve coached high school basketball and my first turn as an entrepreneur was a baseball card business I started when I was a teenager.

And where the Web continues to change everything about the business of sports, I’ll be there too.