New Data: Sports Fans Adopting Live Online Video Rapidly

New Data: Sports Fans Adopting Live Online Video Rapidly

This is a doozy of a study, called the Global Sports Media Consumption Report 2011 by PERFORM, KantarSport and TV Sports Markets.

The headline sums it up well:

Half of all sports fans watching online have started doing so in the last two years, and a quarter now regularly turn to the internet for highlights or live coverage and not just for news

But the most interesting piece of data, in my opinion, is the revelation that there is an unwillingness among sports fans to pay for live online sports content.

Again, this suggests a huge problem lurking around the corner in sports media. It seems the entire business model of the sports media industry is based on the lack of a technology to easily repurpose, for lack of a better word, live sports content. And based on history, that doesn’t seem like a very good bet.

In fact, I’m eagerly anticipating the launch of Bamboom, which might just have the potential to bring down the whole system. If Bamboom isn’t the one that becomes the Napster of video, the startup that does bring everything down is probably lurking around the corner. Stay tuned.

Other key findings include:
– Online and print media are neck and neck but sports fans spend more time consuming sport online
– Broadcast and publisher/newspaper websites remain the dominant sites for fans to consume sport online
– Consuming sport via mobile is growing, especially in markets such as Italy, Brazil and China
– IPTV growing in importance for sports fans to consume sport in markets such as China and Italy
– Profile of a sports fan online and on mobile is young and affluent and therefore a great opportunity for marketers