Ted Leonsis Drops Interesting Sports Media Stats: Wither ESPN and Yahoo?

Ted Leonsis Drops Interesting Sports Media Stats: Wither ESPN and Yahoo?

In his recent blog post, titled Missing Some of the Point, Ted Leonsis mentioned some overlooked but very interesting data on sports media.

In further discussing the point that all sports franchises are becoming their own media companies, Ted went through the top five list of sources where fans got their Washington Capitals content as seen via “internal research”.

“We asked each category of fan how do they get their news and info and if we were to promote or try to communicate what was best source and most frequented source. As I noted, the ranking was as follows: our web site; Comcast SportsNet; The Washington Post and its network of online sites and blogs; and my personal blog. And then franchise generated mailings; ads; emails and related outreach at events and in arena.”

Even though, as Ted notes, those results make complete sense, (the team itself, followed by the team’s media partner, the biggest local media company and then Ted’s blog and internal marketing efforts) they still defy conventional wisdom.

It was just a few days ago when the news broke that ESPN.com was closing in on Yahoo as the top sports Web site by traffic. Yet none of the top five sources for Washington Capitals fans were anything resembling large, horizontal, “all my sports news in one place” type of Web sites. I also found it interesting that none of the sites mentioned by Leonsis had any notable community aspect. Simply, highly targeted, local content.

We don’t know exactly what the research methods were, so it’s premature to suggest anything concrete, but it’s another data point that says the world of sports media is undergoing an seismic shift.