IDG: “The Social Web is Mature”

IDG: “The Social Web is Mature”

The full title of the blog post from IDG’s Matt Yorke (President, IDG Strategic Marketing Services), reads:

“The Social Web: Mature Enough For All Media and Marketers To Participate”

For executives who have yet to get involved in social media and Web strategy, the whole post is worth a read, but we can cut to the chase and go to the punchline:

Lastly, what is very clear is that last year everybody wanted to talk about and try social media but were largely terrified by their own lack of knowledge and control. This year everybody wants to talk about social media because they realize it’s here to stay and has a tangible impact on brands and sales. Indeed, we are close to dropping the “social” from social media as all media—Web-based, mobile and location-based—becomes naturally social.

As you can see in the chart below (via eMarketer), the only thing going up faster than social media marketing budgets are the continually upward revised estimates for social media marketing budgets. I would count on that trend to continue for the foreseeable future.