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Remarkable Expertise in Fantasy Sports, Gaming and Data-Driven Media

A Boutique Consultancy: Product, Strategy and Custom Software Development

About Us

A boutique consulting firm, Sportology delivers a comprehensive set of services around fantasy sports, gaming, eSports and other data-driven media. We provide our clients a sustainable competitive advantage in the fast changing and lucrative world of real-time games and media, starting with strategic conception to product development through the technical execution.

Domain Expertise

We’re well known throughout the fantasy, gaming and sports media industries for our thought leadership and professional approach

Custom Software Development

With experience in building high-throughput, scalable data processing applications, we’re able to execute on the most challenging of software development projects

Diverse Experience

We’ve founded startups and consulted with the largest sports media companies in the world, so pride ourselves on being the perfect answer for the select few clients that are hit our sweet spot.



Jonathan Joseph

JJ is a recognized expert on fantasy sports, having founded FantasyIQ and consulted with some of the most prominent companies in the fantasy sports space. With a background that includes working a variety of startups and as a venture capital investor, JJ has extensive expertise in company formation and starting projects from scratch.

What We Do

With the proliferation of mobile technology, increased bandwidth and availability of data and the merging of data-driven social gaming and regulated real-money gaming business models, there's more opportunity than ever to create engaging and profitable products and services revolving around sports, data and gaming. Combining extensive expertise in the intersecting strategic landscape with deep technical chops and the ability to execute against any strategic initiative, Sportology clients can expect innovative strategies and flawless execution.

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Our Services

We make good things happen

Technology & Product Strategy

We handle the complete product process
Identify opportunities for innovative products
Initial design to wireframe/UX through development

Custom Software Development

Full-stack development expertise
Optimal technology architecture, frameworks and languages
Streamlined process with open source libraries

Corporate Strategy & Planning

Competitive & new market entry analysis
Monetization strategies
Staffing planning & optimization

Startup & Fundraising Strategy

Startup business planning
Financial forecasting
Venture capital & fundraising strategy

Customer Aquisition Strategies

Alternatives to affiliate & ad based growth models
Identification of organic & viral growth opportunities
Marketing channel analysis

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

The intersection of real money & social gaming
Navigating a state-by-state regulatory framework
How & when does online sports betting become legal?

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Get in touch with us. If nothing else, we'd love to geek out with you on this and get you excited about what's possible. Please feel free to connect with us on one of the social platforms below or fill out the form below to send us a message.

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